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The Republic of the Philippines is a very famous tourist destination for all Scuba Divers!
Almost every scuba diver in the world wants to visit, or visited already, the great dive spots in the Philippines.

How to find the best dive destinations in the Philippines?
Where to book your diving holidays?
I want to show you and tell you, what is the best way!

With more than 7000 islands, many of them sourrounded by coral reefs, the Philippines Diving Area is really a very big area for diving. If you are not so an experienced Traveler, maybe you think, it's the best, to book a package tour with a travel agency... but I think, this is not necessary: Almost every Dive Resort or Dive Centre will arrange the trip from the airport to their resort. So, you can find a cheap flight from your home country, where ever it is - an book a light to Manila or Cebu City. Your favourite Dive resort / Dive center will pick you up there and bring you to the resort, or arrange a flight to the nearest airport and pick you up there. Its easy to find as good Flight to Manila or Cebu City and from there are every day many flights to every airport in the Philippines.

to be continued soon...

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